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  • 21 ROADS Year Three is about to begin!

    But it needs FUEL. This third year's round of funding is CRUCIAL.
    I've gathered $20k of my own…
    I need YOUR HELP with a matching $20k by August 21 to fund this year’s push.
    Without it, these grand plans are flat out impossible.

    More about 21 ROADS and this year's excitement below.

    Check out the 3rd Year Reward Menu below for all kinds of fun.



The biggest thing I’ve ever tried to do.

5 Years. 21 Projects.

21 ROADS is an artistic Mount Everest. One massive challenge consisting of 21 major creative works with only 5 years to complete them.

See, during the pandemic I came up with a whole bunch of really good ideas, only I couldn’t choose which one I wanted to focus my energy on so I ended up just saying WHOA what if I just do them all?

Then I came to my senses and said to myself Mike that’s a pretty aggressive amount of projects. Even if you work really hard it would probably take about 10 years…

I’m giving myself 5. 🤘

So my eyes got big and my dreams got bigger and I got to work. I thought and I wrote and I researched and I made a schedule and I raised some money and I booked some flights and I hit the ground running and now 2 whole years into this thing here we are. 21 ROADS is miraculously on schedule and I’ve just finished fully releasing Roads 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5…

So WHAT are these 21 "Roads"?

21 Major Creative Works. (Think albums, video series, children's books, etc.)

124 Component Works. (At a minimum. Think songs, videos, etc.)

These Roads go all kinds of directions! Some will take 2-3 months to complete...others will take all 5 years. Some will feature familiar scenery...others might feel markedly foreign. Little by little, I'll show you more of what I have in the works. I'm not gonna lie...a couple Roads might even get weird. But trust that every Road is designed to add a little (and maybe more than a little) delight to your life.

Each year I'll reveal new Roads, complete with new Pre-Orders + Rewards.

Year Three's big pushes:

Road #6: Original EP (Album title TBA).
Road #7: Holiday EP (Album title TBA).
Road #8: A Music Video shot halfway around the world.
Road #9: How To Wander (And Why!) with Alaska Chai
(my second Children’s Book!).
Road #10: Alaska Chai Theme Song.

TELL me more about the music in Year 3.

OK YES, great call!

I've got two EPs in the works! One will be a handful of brand new original songs and the other will be my very own holiday album! I'm keeping the album titles close to my chest for now, but you'll get to listen to all the tunes long before their public release.

In addition, I'll be writing and recording a theme song for the main character of my Alaska Chai books! I've only ever written one theme song in my life HOW HARD COULD IT BE. For real though, I'm excited to have a song to complement our snappy little illustrated traveling hero.

Delivery: Slotted for release at various points in 2025.

OK now TELL me about this next Alaska Chai book!


The sequel to 2023's How To Fly with Alaska Chai is in the works!

How to Wander (And Why!) with Alaska Chai is an illustrated children's book about what makes exploring a brand new place so special. Once you've finished flying somewhere new...what do you do?! Walking through parks, trying street food, hearing a new language, staying in a hotel, going to a museum...written for kids ages 2-9 (and designed to give their parents and teachers some giggles as well), this 32-page picture book preps young readers to revel in the magic of getting out and exploring the world.

Chicago-based illustrator Mat Schelsky has signed on to bring Alaska Chai to life again!

Delivery: I'm planning to get you super early pre-release copies by June 2025.

WHERE does the money go?

This third round of funding will help cover the costs of Roads 6-10. Specifically, the production + physical manufacture of the two EPs and How To Wander (And Why!) with Alaska Chai, and some of the early logistical setup costs for Roads 11, 12, and 15 (TBA).

Every year, I'll match the amount I ask from you with that same amount from my pocket. That means I'm in for $20k this year too.

To be able to travel all 21 Roads, we'll have 5 funding rounds, one each year. We've already knocked out two rounds -- with you as my equal partner, we can make every piece of this thing happen! ❤️

What's a 21 ROADER and why should I be one?

GREAT question. Super glad you asked. Here's how it works...

Support at the 21 ROADER reward level or higher all 5 years of this thing, and you'll unlock a special EPIC BONUS REWARD STASH. I'll keep its contents a secret for now, but you're not gonna want to miss out. Trust me. 🤘🏼

This year: grab a $42 reward (or higher) to score your Third-Year 21 ROADER checkmark! (If you missed the past campaigns, pick up a sweet $99 FULL 21 ROADER package, and you'll be up to date!)

WHY are you doing this, Mike?

Because lately I've been having some of the best ideas I've ever had. Because I think these ideas will genuinely delight you. And because I believe the world needs great stories. And melodies. And imagination. And magic.

Or maybe it's just that I do.

Either way...

A "regular" record label would NEVER sign off on 21 ROADS. It's ambitious, risky, and definitely doesn't fit in a box -- they'd laugh me out of the building. Good thing I don't have a regular record label. I've got something better...YOU. Together we've made some real cool stuff over the years – no sense stopping now. ❤️


Whether you support with $21 or $21000, whether you share this with a million followers on social media or just tell your best friend about it...I'm so damn grateful to have you in my corner. Cheers and love. ❤️

Let's do this!! 🎉🎉🎉